The Ludlow


Our mission involves providing safe spaces and un-rushed time for spiritually thirsty people to have life-changing encounters with God. We use beautifully crafted settings, artistic expressions, life-affirming teachings from the Word, real life stories, Reflective Stations and prayer ministry to set a space for the Holy Spirit to draw people into deeper intimacy with the Father. Our retreats and outreaches take place wherever the “Wind” of God blows, be it locally, domestically, or internationally.


Morton Family



The end goal is a church that will continue far into the future.  We want to see a strong, healthy and vibrant church that is able to stand on its own and is not dependent. We are also asking the Lord to create a reproducing church. Not a church that is just looking inward and wanting to get larger, but a church that is seeking to reach out to its neighborhood and surrounding communities.  With the church having both evangelism and discipleship as focuses, the Word is being faithfully preached, Bible Studies are available, and the church is navigating the complexities of church life within an Albanian context.  We are blessed to be working with some very faithful Albanian believers, and we are trusting God to expand His kingdom in our corner of the Balkans. Thank you for your prayers - they are indispensable. 

The Hoffman family


Ohio University

Jason and Kacey Hoffman joined the Cru staff team at Ohio University in 2004. Cru is caring community passionate about connecting students to Jesus Christ. Their vision is to reach college students with the gospel today, and see the world reached for Christ tomorrow! Jason serves with the men on South Green and is the Partnership Director for Southeast Ohio Cru’s partnership in South Asia.  


The Scott family


Louisvillie, KY

We provide discipleship opportunities as well as offer counsel for single and married students at Southern.  Seminary students are not exempt from the temptations and battles against sin the rest of us face every day.  Our ministry provides any student a personalized look at the challenges they face through the lenses of Scripture at no financial cost to them.  We also have the privilege to offer mentoring to Southern students who are looking to learn from our experiences whether good or bad.  Our hope is similar to what we find from Peter in 2 Peter 1:12, "Therefore I intend always to remind you of these qualities, though you know them and are established in the truth that you have."  

Basque Country

Located in north central Spain and southwest France, Basque Country is home to about 3 million people who have a strong sense of identity, are industrious and hardworking, and posses a desire for freedom. Multiple languages are spoken within this autonomous people group, but the mainstream line of thinking is that, to be Basque is to speak the Basque language (approx. 1 million people). 

The FEC team in Basque Country desires to be a part of the Basque community and to find ways to be of valuable service. Although the language is very difficult to learn for native English speakers, team members recognize the importance of knowing and using the Basque language and are diligently working on this task daily. 

Spiritually, the Basque Country is very much in need of true Christ followers. To learn more about the Basque Country and the Basque team, visit