Our multi-ministry room is definitely a highly trafficked area.  Whether it's for a concert, a special event, or just for a pick-up game of basketball, it seems there is always some activity taking place. With a full stage, a full basketball court, and being multimedia compatible, this place lends itself well to an array of uses.  Also, with the church kitchen connected, this area is an ideal place for banquets and wedding receptions.   

The Multi-Ministry Room is open to the public except when reserved for special events (check the church calendar for availability).  If you would like to reserve the area for yourself please contact the church office.   

Multi-Ministry Room Guidelines

MMR (GYM) is closed from April 12-23 for Easter Sunday set up.

(hours are subject to change if event is scheduled)
*Begin September 24, 2018 through May 20, 2019
Monday: 8:30am-8pm
Tuesday: 8:30am-8pm
Wednesday: 8:30am-5:00pm (Closes for Wednesday night Children's Connection Club)
Thursday: 8:30am-6pm (Closes for men's basketball league)
Friday: 8:30am-5pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed (except for private events)

Spring/Summer Hours: (Begin May 20)

Facility/Office: Monday-Friday - 8:30am-5:00pm Playland/Multi-Ministry Room (Gym)- 8:30am-4:30pm Saturday: Closed except for scheduled events (birthdays/private parties) Sundays: Closed